.VST Roofing & Construction offers residential roof replacement and residential roof repair. We are experienced with both low slope and steep slope residential and commercial designs. Details are listed below.

Residential Roof Replacement
Have you decided it’s time for a new roof to give your home a facelift? Has Mother Nature made the decision of needing a new roof for you? VST Roofing & Construction is here to help make the process of roof replacement easy for you. Whether it is to repair storm damage, increase the value of your home or to keep you and your family comfortable, we are the roofing contractor you can trust to help you through the roof replacement process.

Residential Roof Repair
If you have a leak in your roof or notice some loose or missing shingles, call VST to schedule a free inspection and consultation. With our thorough examination, we will provide you with a range of options that meet your budget needs as well as provide you both short-term and long-term maintenance to your roof.

Commercial Roof Services
VST Roofing & Construction can help you keep your property safe and dry through commercial roof repairs and full roof replacement. We provide quality roof systems that are built to last. VST will ensure that we stay within your budget and the project is completed on time.

Metal Roofs
Metal roofs might not be as common in the greater Indianapolis area, but you could be missing out on one of the most durable, customizable and energy-efficient roofing systems. Metal roofs provide a greater weather- resistance and durability than other roof materials. Call VST today to learn more about our metal roofing.

Misconceptions about Metal Roofing
Noise. Some people believe that metal roofing will be noisy during a rainstorm, but our metal roofs come with an insulating sheathing to seal out noise.
Hail. Metal roofing shingles are much more durable than say the metal of a car. Metal roofs can withstand the damage from standard hail and wind damage. We also offer textured metal roofing, in the event your roof receives minor denting, textured roofs make those dents less visible.
Lightning. A metal roof are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other roof type. Metal roofs can protect your family in the unlikely event that lightning strikes your roof by being nonflammable and noncombustible.
Efficiency. Metal shingles provide premium energy efficiency. Metal can help reflect strong UV rays while the weather tight design helps keeps climate-controlled air from escaping your home.

VST Roofing & Construction is a preferred contractor of Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network.

We offer Owens Corning ® Shingles in a wide selection of color blends and styles that help bring out the true beauty in your home. No matter your design preference or budget, we have the shingles you’re looking for!

Owens Corning is a recognized leader in the building materials industry for over 75 years.
⦁ Total Protection Roofing System
Seal Helps create a waterproof barrier
Defend Helps protect against nature’s elements
Breathe For balanced attic ventilation

Helps create a Waterproof Barrier.

Blocks water resulting from ice damming, wind-driven rains and average water flow. A properly sealed roof helps prevent rot a mold damage.

Underlayment products are the final line of defense between your home and the elements. Underlayment helps block water from the roof deck and out of the interior of the home, to help prevent rot, mold and water damage.

Helps protect against nature’s element. Add a tough, layer of defense with strong adhesion that resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. Helps protect the most vulnerable areas such as eaves and peaks.

Starter Shingles
Their continuous sealant bead helps defend against blow-offs and water infiltration in vulnerable areas of the roof.

Shingles not only act as the first line of defense against the forces of nature as well as define the style of your home. Shingles are a key player in the curb appeal of your home, and Owens Corning Roofing offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, and color choices.

Hip & Ridge Shingles
Hip & Ridge shingles provide a finished look to a roof’s peak while helping to defend the ridge vent.

Optimize airflow in your attic.

Reduces heat and moisture buildup that can lead to ice damming, roof deterioration and mold infestation. This helps airflow through your attic to manage temperatures and moisture.

Intake Ventilation
Intake vents, which are located at the down-slope edge of the roof (eaves), allow fresh air into the attic.

Exhaust Ventilation
Exhaust vents, which are located near or on the ridgeline of the roof, allow air to leave the attic.

Do I Need A New Roof?

Sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its useful life without experiencing a roof failure. If replacing an old roof is delayed, however, it could result in bigger problems down the road. Potential signs that your roof may need to be replaced:

Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped.

Bald spots where granules are missing.

Cracked shingles.

The roof looks old and worn.

Dark streaks.

Airborne algae cause dark streaks on roof decks. While this may not necessarily harm the roof shingles, it may not look good. Algae streaks can be removed using a 50:50 blend of water and bleach sprayed on your roof. It is important to use a low volume garden hose so you do not knock the protective granules off your shingles. It is also important that you protect your landscaping from the bleach run-off.

Signs of Storm Damage

Your roof is designed to withstand the outdoor elements, but some storms are more intense than others. There are signs to look for when you believe your roof may be damaged. VST can offer assistance inspecting your roof for damages.

Potential Signs of Wind Damage. Significant wind can cause shingles to blow off the roof deck. Missing shingles can cause leaks and interior damage.

Potential Signs of Wind Damage. Creased shingles.

Potential Signs of Hail Damage. Other collateral hail damage around the house; dents on cars or other items on your house or in your yard.

Potential Signs of Hail Damage. A distinct pattern of small round-shaped divots on the edges of the shingles.

Potential Signs of Hail Damage. Indentations in the shingle where granules are missing

Additionally, thin horizontal lines where granules have been worn off about 1-2 inches beneath the shingle above; this could indicate that the shingle seal was broken and the shingle was flapping in the wind rubbing against the shingle above it. To be effective against the elements, shingles must be sealed to each other as one watertight roof deck.

A large pile of granules at the end of your downspout; a small amount is normal, especially on new shingles.

During some storms tree branches and other falling debris can land on your roof.