Have you had gutter damage due to a weather-related event or water pooling around your home’s foundation? VST Roofing & Construction can help you with your existing gutter repair project. At VST, we know that a functional and successful gutter system is an essential part to maintaining your home.

When you are thinking about current remodeling projects you would like to have completed on your home, gutters could be a low priority on your list. However, neglecting your home’s gutter system can result in extensive damage and higher costs down the road.

Common signs you might be in need of gutter repair:
⦁ Visible cracks, holes or open seams
⦁ Bent, sagging or leaning gutters
⦁ Peeling of exterior paint or staining on siding
⦁ Standing water around your foundation or standing water in your gutters
⦁ Basement leaks
⦁ Excessive rusting